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Bermuda Baby

Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama… That is literally all I know of that song… so moving right along.

 Hi! I’d like to quickly let you guys in on how much fun the trip to Bermuda was to stay with The Princess Hotel in Hamilton Bermuda – but I like telling the whole story, so stick around and lets dive in!


Leaving Nashville Tennessee at 6:20 am really didn’t sound so bad. In fact, I love leaving early. The earlier the better I always say (especially for trips!) so waking up at 4 am seemed reasonable. We woke up at 4am, showered, finished packing the essentials, watered the flowers, and looked up and it was 5am! We have a good 20 minute ride to the airport, and we thought we would uber so we didn’t have to worry about parking. Little did we know that an Uber would be 20 minutes out… so we hurriedly grabbed our bags and headed to the car! Vroooooommm (that’s us movin right along) Kyle passes the exit but we don’t notice. “Where are we?” I asked, “That’s the Nashville skyline – we’re going the wrong way!” I yelled! “oops!” Kyle states. We make a u-turn and enter BNA into the GPS. Now we have to find parking. Why is this place so slammed so early? We get inside and the line for United Airline is unreal! We wait… And wait… “go get in another line to see if it’s moving faster” I say to Kyle. Now we’re both standing there just waiting…  If you know me, you know I hate waiting. We aren’t premier cardholders for United but I don’t care. I have places to be people. I barge through the Premier Card holder line and start to check in on the kiosk. “This plane is no longer accepting bags, it is passed time. Please check with an attendant” the screen reads. WHAT?! “Excuse me ma’am, here’s the situation…” The nice lady helps us get our bags checked on the correct flight and off we go – running though BNA like a bunch of rabbits. We make it to the gate and there’s literally no one else to board… We’re the last ones! We sit down and it’s 6:20am. No coffee, flustered, annoyed. We get in the air and the trolley with coffee comes down the aisle. Ah, saving grace has arrived.

We have a quick lay over in New Jersey but nothing exciting happened so let’s move on…


We land in Bermuda! It’s the tiniest little air port but so cute with its bright colors lining the runway. We hop off, wait in line to be welcomed into this country, walk to get our bags… And guess what… Yep, you guessed it – there are our bags! We grab them and head to the door. Waiting for us is a nice gentleman with a sign “BOEN” that’s us! He loads our bags into the Audi trunk and we hop in. Riding towards the city of Hamilton to The Princess Hotel. It’s so beautiful! The water is crystal blue, the trees are bright green, and the flowers are in full bloom… It’s going to be a good trip. After riding for 20 minutes, we arrive to the sweetest looking resort. It’s pastel pink, lined with white trim. The front lawn is covered in palm trees and pink flowers and the doormen are wearing black suits but with shorts (it’s hot).


We check in and are led to our room. Our view of the harbor is gorgeous! We take it all in for a while and then head down to explore.

We walk to one of the restaurants, 1609 Bar & Restaurant to be exact, where we grab a drink – it’s been a long day. The restaurant manager greets us and asks where we are from. We chat for a moment before being sat down next to the open windows that overlook the harbor. Boats, yachts and sailboats line the marina with a variety of color. Afterwards, we walk around a bit discussing our day and making plans, while gawking at the scenery and this gorgeous, pink resort.

Later, at 5pm, we go to the Gold Lounge where tapas are served before dinner. There, we are greeted again and served as though we are royalty. “Is this how they treat everyone? They are so nice!” I said to Kyle. We sat out on the balcony that over looked the pool area while we supped on cool white wine and ate deliciously made tapas. We ended up opting out of dinner because yeah, we over did the tapas, okay? (rolls eyes)

We went to bed a few hours later and crashed! It had been quite the day. The next morning we woke up bright and early and got dressed for the day, packing a few extra outfits for pictures. We had planned to get out of the resort to do some exploring around Bermuda. The entire island is only 22 miles in length and one mile across. We were going to rent a Twizzy (a tiny car for two) but they didn’t have any left. We decided to get mopeds instead. We got the mopeds and began our journey. This sounds exciting, right? How bout no. Everyone is driving so fast, cars are honking at us, as we have to remember to drive on the left side of the road. It’s more stressful than I thought it would be - but we made it to the end of the island. Not without losing one another, though. During the confusion, I went one way and Kyle was forced to go another way due to the traffic pattern taking place. I was in front, so I didn’t notice until later that he wasn’t behind me. I pulled over and waited… and waited…”Dang it!” I said, as I pulled out and went back the other way. Luckily, Kyle had turned around too and we made it back to the spot where the road had split right at the same time. I guess you should know that we didn’t have our phones on roam because we were out of the country and we decided to keep them on airplane mode, which we thought would be fine because we would be together! We chatted about the way we thought we should go, looked at the map (okay year 2000 we see you) and headed out. We took a break and headed back to the other side, but a different way than the way we drove in. Scenic route, if you will, through the golf courses, beach homes the breath taking beaches. After we got our bearings we were up and ready on these mopeds. We had this! Kyle is in front of me just living his life. We’ve been driving for a while now and we’re on the way to the lighthouse. We are on this tiny little road (all of them are tiny what am I saying) and we go to make a turn and the next thing I know Kyle is flying across the road one way, and the moped in the opposite direction! I freak! “He broke his arm I can see it from here oh my God call the police!” I brake without thinking of the traffic behind us and run to his side (like a movie or something!) He’s in shock. I take his helmet off his head and he lays back in the grass. I check him to see how bad the damage is. There is a nasty gash on his left arm. He feels it but doesn’t see it because it’s right there where you can’t really see your forearm. The nicest couple stops to ask if we need help. “YES! YES WE DO!” They examine Kyle and tell us that they can take us to the nearest resort to get him cleaned up. We’ve decided we don’t need an ambulance. Kyle gets on the back of the guys motorcycle, and the lady drives Kyle’s broken moped back and I follow. We get to the resort and I profusely thank these wonderful humans for being so kind.

I take Kyle inside, sit him down and demand first aid equipment (equipment?) I’m no nurse but I pretend I’m good at everything, so in I go. Pouring peroxide, wiping blood, you get the idea. I talk to the assistant manager who helps in getting us back to The Hamilton Princess. We arrive and have a team waiting for us to make sure Kyle is all right. We went up to the room for Kyle to get cleaned up and decided we needed a drink, lol.  For the next few hours everyone that knew of the accident was checking in on Kyle. The people were so nice! What was a little humorous was this seems to happen quite a bit with tourists and the locals call it ‘a Bermuda tattoo.’ Ironic, eh?

The next day we had planned to go to the beach club. We woke up early because we wanted to get there before anyone else. We hailed a cab and headed that way to check it out. It was 7am and already SO hot. We lounged for a bit in the hammocks, walked in the water and took some pictures (naturally) We splashed in the water for a while, then called a taxi to take us back.


After Kyles accident, the hotel had a special Twizzy ready for us to use the following day. That was the best day by far. We had the little car, which I drove and Kyle happily agreed this was the best idea for us all (lol) and we got to explore so much. We went to the shipyard where the cruise ships port. As we drove that way, through tiny little village like towns, we knew it was about to pour rain. We made it to the ship yard, plugged in our little go cart (she needed some juice) and decided to grab ice cream while we waited out the rain. As soon as we sat down with our ice cream it began to pour. It was actually really pretty. It didn’t last long, though, so we went out to explore quickly after eating our ice cream and using the wifi they had. We decided to head back to the resort after going in all the souvenir shops and buying a Bermuda mug. The next morning we got up and went to Horse Shoe Bay and to the Lighthouse that we had wanted to go to since we got there. The view was spectacular from the lighthouse! You could see the entire island from up there. We shot photos for a little while and just sat looking out at where we were together.


We drove back down and went to Horse Shoe Bay. That was fun!

That night we went all out and had the best dinner ever. We had three appetizers, each of us had Surf and Turf, and each of us got our own dessert. Judge us, we don’t mind. It was delicious!

The next morning we get up and eat breakfast and decide to walk in to the city of Hamilton before heading out. This was certainly one for the books. Below you’ll find images that I have attached that include the parts of the last bit of the story that I didn’t include. You’ll see what goes where ;)

It truly was an amazing experience and I couldn’t think of anyone to enjoy it with more with than Mr. KBFINEART himself.

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